Friday, September 15, 2006

Freddie goes to school.

It was Freddies first day at school on Wednesday, and he was very pleased with himself in his new uniform. His teacher seems nice, and although they do use reading scheme books, they also have a fair selection of proper books to read too. He only goes in the mornings until half-term, but as Katherine is also going to pre-school on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, there are two and a half hours of utter peace and quiet in the house. Fantastic.
Katherine loves going to pre-school, right up until the point where she actually lets go of our hands and goes into the room, then she screams like a banshee while we turn tail and run. When we pick her up though, she is having a great time.
Only 16 more years of waking them up in time for school to go, and we can have a lie-in again.