Saturday, November 26, 2005

Auntie Claire

Auntie Claire tickling the children into submission. Posted by Picasa

More people sticking their hands out.

It's almost last orders for this table, with the new one being delivered on Monday. Todays expense was £235 for the plumber to fix in the new loo downstairs, thanks to the old one springing a leak. Frankly, of all the things to leak, the loo is the last one I'd choose, so off went to B&Q and got a takeaway loo for £70. From the users point of view, it's a bit more figure-hugging than the old one, but it's got a dual-flush thingy, so we don't waste so much water. We got totally fed up with the draft roaring through the back door today, so we've bought a new back door. The salesman started off at £1200, but that lasted about 20 seconds before he rapidly came down to £900, and then much more slowly to £700 at which point we gave in and said yes. It'll have a cat flap, so Tipper will have no more excuses for peeing all over the floor. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 20, 2005

The storm

And here he is, about 30 seconds later, screaming as if I was pulling his fingernails out because I wouldn't let him play with the camera. Interestingly, he hated me taking a photo of him having his tantrum. Maybe that's the future of child control, permanent papparazzi. Posted by Picasa

The calm before the storm

All sweetness and light. Posted by Picasa

The First Supper

After a day that went as well as these days ever go I suppose, we are in the new house. I've already done four trips to B and Q for all the bits we seem to have lost along the way, and I'm off again in a minute. Anne is about to get down on her hands and knees and scrub the floor and units in the kitchen, which were left in a revolting state. I'm no hygiene fetishist, but some of it was really disgusting. The switches on the extractor hood of the cooker were stuck together with grease. Even in my student days I would have thought twice about leaving it like that for someone else. Hey Ho. Posted by Picasa