Friday, September 16, 2005

Sleepus Interuptus

Last night I put Muzzy back in bed twice, and bloody Stinky three times. It's just a phase, it's just a phase...


Britney has a baby.

In the October issue of Elle magazine, Spears said she was looking forward to motherhood.
"It's mindblowing having a child," she said, adding that she planned on being "a hot mom".

Really, this sounds like something out of The Onion.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


My ftp program keeps saying 'disconnected' but I'm obviously not. Bloody freeware...

Granny and the children

Katherine eating a slice of salami

Another crappy nights sleep

Honestly, Katherine woke up at 1:20, 2:26 and 5:30 last night. I was very unimpressed with her. She wakes up, throws her teddy out of bed and then complains because she hasn't got her teddy. AARGH!

Hall in current house


I've just spent 5 minutes trying to shut down running programes using the keypoard, because the mouse had stopped working. After turning the computer off and on again, I realised the batteries needed changing. *blushes*

What to cook? Oh god, maybe just a takeaway again...

The hallway in the new house.

Moving House

We've had an offer on the house that was slightly more than we'd budgeted for, so we're on the move. The plan is to move in the middle of November. It'll save me 186 miles of driving a day. I can't wait.