Saturday, February 18, 2006

Setting the stage.

If the photo that I emailed with this had arrived, the eagle-eyed may have noticed the lack of risers for the wind and
brass players. This is the cause of arguements every time we play in
Bournemouth. The trumpets blast away straight into the heads of whoever
is unlucky enough to be at the back of the section that week, and refuse
to have screens put up to protect the string players because they say it
is too loud for them then! Idiots. Really it's the fault of the
management for being too mean to hire risers every now and then. There's
supposed to be a committee working on ways to stop us being deafened,
but as it's run by the management, it's achieved nothing in the two and
a half years of its existence.

Detian Waterfall - Guangxi

Detian Waterfall - Guangxi
Originally uploaded by Xiao Liang.
Blimey, what a gorgeous looking place. It reminds me of Catford.

Friday, February 17, 2006


It's been a good couple of weeks, concert-wise. I've just come off stage
after spending a very happy 40 minutes or so listening to an Argentinian
pianist called Nelson Goerner playing Chopin 1, and although it is a
very tedious part for the viola, and the rest of the orchestra too
really, I loved every moment of it. In a few minutes I'm back on to play
Brahms 4 which I love too. Happy days. Next week it's Schubert 9 which I
can't stand, so I'm busy gathering rosebuds.

Just my luck.

Well, I woke up this morning to the sound of screeching children, and
despite Anne fielding them in the hope that I could get back to sleep, no such luck. Anyway, I could breath without my teeth hurting, so I
knew I'd have to go to work. Honestly, I drag myself into work feeling
rubbish for days, decide to take the day off and I'm well again. Hmpf.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Oh god, even a cocktail of sudafed sinex and halls menthol sweets have
failed to clear my sinuses. Any luck I'll still feel like this tomorrow
and I can call in sick for the first time ever. On a lighter note,
Freddie is trampolining as I write, and I'll post a picture tomorrow.