Saturday, September 24, 2005


I've been amazed by the amount of people who are really bored by the start of the football season. I never thought I'd be depressed by the thought of having the football on the radio while I cook, but this season my heart sank. There really is no point in any team attemting to buy the same players as Chelsea, they'll just offer 10 million pounds more. £21,000,000 for Shaun Wright-Phillips, no-one would have paid anything like that but that was what Chelsea offered. Insane. Although I have resented everything that Man U have won for the last 10 years or so, It's always been tinged with some respect for the team and the manager. They've had young players coming through, ar spent the money they've earned. Chelsea on the other hand have spent nearly half a billion pounds, HALF A BILLION POUNDS, in the last three years, on players that any fool could have suggested. They took a team that was 2nd in the league and spent nearly HALF A BILLION POUNDS on it, and then wonder why no-one is impressed by them. Only another 9 months or so and the cricket will start again. *sigh*

Got it again.

After an hours wait, it turns out that I still have Iritis. It could be that it wasn't completely knocked out by the previous treatment, which I reckon is the case. It's been feeling a bit weird ever since I stopped the last lot of drops. Another month of drops, and we'll see how it is then.

Oh god. My eye has gone peculiar again, so it's back off to the eye hospital for me. Thanks to the glories of the NHS, I've managed to get an appointment in only, wait for it, 2 and a half hours!

Friday, September 23, 2005

So much for airport security. We'd been through the x-rays and so on when Rob remembered that he had a knife in his bag. Good job X-ray men, well done.

Home again

I've just got home, and I'm knackered. Prague is a lovely place, and just right for 3 or 4 days. My camera battery ran out after the first day though, so I've not got as many pictures as I would have liked. Hey Ho.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Oh for gods sake.

I'm trying to sort out cheapo phone calls while I'm in Prague, and the company that I used in Spain don't do the Czech Republic, and the Orange site refuses to tell me how much it will cost to phone home. Hmph. I might have to resort to sending a letter. On the plus side, my viola is now in the van, and if it doesn't arrive, I don't have to do any work!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Commuting again

God, I'd forgotten how knackering it is driving backwards and forwards every day. How I did it for a year I will never know. Anyway, we had a plumber come and look at the new house today, and unfortunately we can't have a condensing boiler, because the plume of gases coming from the vent would be landing right on the front of next doors garage, which is legal apparently, but very anti-social. So, combi it is, with a turbine on the roof in years to come. £1000 for the boiler, and I'm hoping no more than that for the work.