Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tonights concert.

God it's a long one. The Schubert symphony came in at 58 minutes lkast
night, and when you add an uninspiring Beethovens 4th piano concerto
form John Lill and a very sub-standard Mendelssohn overture (Athalia),
and also factor in 2 pints of grolsch, you can imagine the trouble I'm
going to have staying awake for the next few hours.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


75 minutes gone, madrid making attacking substitutions and Hleb off
having done well.

Looking good.

65 minutes gone, and things are good. Everyone is playing well, even
Gilberto is making a few good tackles. Fabregas has good amazing vision,
and the pass he just made to Reyes, about 60 yards across the pitch was

Big match

Well, 18 minutes in, and things seem ok. Eboue looks like a really good
player, a right footed Ashley Cole.