Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ebay update

I just got this advice from someone. Maybe I will be rich after all.

you can take this to a scrap yard yourself, copper is about £1.52 per kilo, my local yard gave me an allowance of 12 kilos for the tank I had, you may get more if you take the insulation off and remove any brass from it... they pay less for brass but will buy it providing you have at least 1 kilo.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Riches are only 10 days away.

Surely I'll be the richest man in Bournemouth once this lot sells. Next up will be whatever else is left over from the move.

Yesterdays match.

Thank god for Robin van Persie, if Henry goes in the summer, he could well be the future for Arsenal. I can't work out why Wenger keeps playing Cygan at left back though, he's rubbish there. He's too slow and can hardly pass the ball. Why not play Lauren there, with Toure on the right and Cambell and Senderos in the middle? Things are looking up at the moment though, with Hleb, and Cole coming back over the next few weeks, with our current run of luck, we'll be top by the end of January. The new stadium is being built really quickly, it took almost 4 months for some twit to re-do our bathroom in London, and this lot are building a whole stadium in only a year. It's very cleverly done too. It's got glazing around the back to let the light onto the pitch unlike Old Trafford, where the pitch has to be replaced every month or so because it dies through being in the shade all the time.